Rankings Updated as of  |  08.27.2019

Competitors are listed ALPHABETICALLY

Complete 5 (five) races to qualify for season

Best five (5) race results count

WOMEN'S rankings | LONG distance 

14 & UNDER RACE division


Best five (5) results count


Best five (5) results count

MEN'S rankings | long distance 

14 & under RACE division


Best five (5) results count

woMEN'S rankings | SHORT distance 

14 & under RACE division


Best five (5) results count

MEN'S rankings | SHORT distance 

14 & under RACE division


Best five (5) results count

WOMEN'S rankings | SHORT distance 

surf division


Best five (5) results count

MEN'S rankings | SHORT distance 

surf division



Low Point Scoring System


Racers will be assigned points according to their place at the finish line of any given race. (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc.) Racers who do not finish a race, retire, or are disqualified, score the number of racers in the race plus one. The racer with the lower total points, the higher in the standings the racer will appear.

In order for this scoring system to make sense, all racers must be scored on the same number of races, on the same craft, and for the same race length. Since league races take place over the several months throughout the season, not every racer can attend each race. Therefore, the scoring threshold for 2019 will be set to 5 out of the 17 races — racer’s top 5 race results will count. 


Racerswho attend more than 5 races in the same category and race length, will have their highest scores thrown out and are only scored on their best races. Racers who attend fewer than 5 still qualify for the season.

With this system, racers are not penalized for missing races. The racers who participate in more than the minimum number of races are rewarded by being able to throw out more of their highest scores. The system is designed to encourage participation. 

Race Classifications:

There will be separate rankings for both Men and Women. No age distinction.


A “Short” race is considered as 2-4 miles.
A “Long” race is considered as 6-14 miles.


14’ & Under Race class is for all “race” boards typically 14’ and 12’6” in length.
Surf class is for all “recreational” boards typically 12’2” and under – your traditional round nose, mild rocker surf style board.


Because we are combining the 14’ and 12’6” race classes and we want to promote all of our weekend warriors, we will be recognizing the TOP 5 racers in all six categories at the end of the season and crowning season Champions.


What are you racing for?

Wait and see!

You won’t be disappointed.

Special note, we will have a season ending celebration at the “Whatever It Takes” race on Gun Lake in September. Racers must be present to receive awards. (If you are unable to attend, contact the MWPL Crew directly)

If you have any questions on rankings or points awarded, email the MWPL Crew at mwplcrew@gmail.com.



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