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Rookie of the Year Award

These are the "ones to watch" for next season, recognizing paddlers in their first couple years of paddling competition showing ambition, drive, vested interest, and generally having a good time and kicking some butt while doing it.

Paddler of the Year Award

This award is not about being the fastest, or youngest, being the best looking or even doing the most races. It's about "mana" or spirit - it's all about attitude and promoting the sport we all enjoy.


Not to Mention...

Each event has its own awards up for grabs! There are different classes and race distances – something fore everyone.


(Let's Party)

We paddle as a family, and we party like a family! End of season Awards Celebration is always after the last race of the season, Rubber Duckie Regatta in September at Yankee Bill's - the best way to end the season! This year's End of Season party will be September 14, 2024.

Yankee Bills Woodfire Salon

606 S Whitmore Rd, Hastings, Michigan 49058

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