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NEW for 2020 



We want to encourage paddlers to participate in as many races as they like. Some stay local, some will travel great distances. Regardless, we promote "Community First. Competition Second." not only for the league, but the league rankings as well. Here's how it will work.


Each racer's TOP 5 finishes will count towards their total points for the season and overall  ranking.


There is no minimum number of races required .

Points for each event will be based on participation and level of competition.

There will be separate rankings for both Men and Women. No age distinction.

Short distance race is considered as 2-4 miles. Long distance race is considered as 6-14 miles.



SUP-RACE (Long & Short Distance)
To include any and all "stock" or “race” boards typically 14’ and 12’6” in length.


SUP-SURF (Short Distance)

Typically includes all “recreational” or "touring" boards typically 12’2” and under – round nose, mild rocker, surf style board.



Recognition will go to the TOP 5 performers in each of the 10 catagories. Awards will be distributed at the season finale race.

If you have any questions on rankings or points awarded, email the MWPL Crew at

OPEN (Long Distance)
To include any and all sit-down style craft 17' and longer including Surfski, OC, kayak - single paddler.


OPEN (Short Distance)

To include any and all sit-down style craft under 17' including kayak, OC, surfski - single paddler.


Tiers are based on total number or participants at each event

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